Bel Alton Community Development  Center

 Thank You For Supporting Our Summer Gospel Explosion Program on August 9, 2015

We raised over $6 million to renovate and restore our former High School which is a public facility that we lease from the Charles County Commissioners for $1.00 a year. Although we are a nonprofit organization, we do not receive enough donations to maintain the building and expand our services to the community. We must therefore have weekly fundraisers to meet our monthly operating costs, which are substantial. The fundraisers you see are not an end in themselves, but a means to an end: that of serving the community through programs that include jobs creation (i.e., Miss Motley's Cafe), workforce development (ihealth promotion (i.e., our seminars on cancer prevention, and our Bel Alton Regional Dental Center).  We have received grants for most of our programs, but operating costs of the Bel Alton Community Development Center itself come mostly from fundraisers.

We would appreciate any ideas you may offer us that will help to increase our revenue.  We also need more donations than we currently receive to help meet our operating costs.  Your support of our fundraisers are also appreciated.

To those who wonder why we embarked on this massive undertaking, it was simply to save our former High School from being demolished due to its deteriorated condition.  It would not be standing today had we not taken up the challenge to save it, hence our motto: "Preserving Our Heritage While Serving Mankind".  Your support of our efforts are, and will be, sincerely appreciated.

Please make a donation today!